You Want to Buy the Engagement Rings? Visit was in 1998 by Ames Allen Schultz and his wife Michele Sigler. They took a simple idea of selling the best efforts jewelry online on the Internet. Right now, and before that time, sales of jewelry was unusual idea for most people.

But become the largest and most successful online retailer of diamonds businesses. His profile was written and reported on some well-known media such as the daily Washington Post, U. S. News & World Report, National Jewelry magazine and National Public Radio. 
Now, they claim that was sold more than 20,000 engagement rings, including diamond rings or it's loose diamonds, since this company was in 1998. 
We are not surprised, because they offer several models of the Rings Diamond Studs three-stone rings with the photo feature 3D. And the best thing is, it also offers the right price, with most of the consumer budget.
For people who want to learn and their knowledge of diamonds, which offers training section pages on its website.


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