Stage and Concert Preparation

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Your company is planning to make a charity concert to celebrate its anniversary. And, it is the duty of your section to organize the concert. You and your team will have the duty to select the artists who will perform, to choose the hall for the concert, and to design the stage that all attendants and guests can enjoy the concert.

If you and your team have decided to hold the concert indoor and use the company’s hall, then all of you now should make the preparation. Remember that you will need some exhibit booths to support the decoration of the hall. Some lines of trade show displays such as pipe and drape will hale you to set up the background of the stage, while the truss will strengthen the construction of the stage and you will also need it to hold the lighting system which is very important to make the stage become brighter and visible for all the attendants and the guests. Since the concert will be held inside the company’s hall, it will be better if you put some logo floor mats on the entrance of the hall. It is good for your company’s promotion and it looks more polite to welcome all the attendants and the guests.

Now, you and your team should work fast to find all the equipment because the time for the concert is getting closer.

Lanjutan Stage and Concert Preparation
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