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I often see the news on television or newspapers about the drifter and poor people who are getting more increased. Not for school or picnic, to eat only sometimes they only eat once a day, even die because of hunger. Sometimes I feel compassion witness it, if only I had a car, I will donate my car to them, but not a car, can eat twice in one day alone I feel better, because I also live only barely.

How do with you? Does that feel compassion to see their suffering? Do you feel alive with all the excessive luxury that you have? Do you not want to help them?

If you want to contribute, you must be careful of fraud rise called poor people. Now, many actors who ask for donations on behalf of the poor people but the aid are not distributed, but they use it for personal purposes.

But do not worry because willing to distribute your donations to needy people. accepts car donations that they will use to help poor people. So if you have a car that may have been discarded, you can donate a car to, yes you can donate car in



I tried to get a car on the back to work program.
The should change the description of the program They only help mothers will dependent with children,they are the only ones to get cars.

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