Congeniality of Internet
Internet can be interpreted as network of computer big and wide of which is world, that is connecting user of computer from one State to other State in all the world, where in it there are various information resource from dynamic static till and interaktif.

History of Internet
history of internet started in the year 1969 when Department Defence Of America, U.S. Defense Advenced Reaset Projects Agency ( DARPA) setting mind on to perform a to research into about how to connect a number of computer so that form network of organic. Program research into this recognized by the name of ARPANET. In the year 1970, have more than 10 connected a success computer one another so that they can is communicating each other and forming a network.

Year 1972, success Roy Tomlison complete e-mail program which he create one year ago for the ARPANET OF. this Progam E-Mail so easy to direct to so that become popular. in same the year, icon @ is also introduced as important device which mean " at". In the year 1973, network of computer ARPANET start to be developed by outside United States. Computer Univercity Collage in London represent first computer exist in outside America becoming network member of Arpanet. is same in the year, two expert people of computer namely Vinton Cerf and of Bob Kahn present a big idea, to become early from internet. This idea is presented first time in University of Sussex.

Next historic day is the 26 March 1976, when success Queen English send e-mail from is Prodigal of Signals And Radar of Establishment in Malver. One year later;then have more than 100 computer joining in Arpanet form a or network of Network. In the year 1979, Tom Truscott, Jim of Ellis and of Steve Bellovin, creating first newsgroup which called by USENET. Year 1981, France Telecom create sensation by launching first television telephone, where people can is phoning each other at the same time relate to video of link.

Because computer which forming network progressively day more and more, hence required a formal protocol which confessed by all network. In the year 1982 formed by Transmission Control Protocol or of TCP and of Internet Protocol or of IP which we recognize all. Meanwhile in Europe emerge network of computer contest which is recognized with Eunet, providing network service of computer in state - Dutch state, English, Denmark and Swedia. Network of Eunet provide e-mail service and of newsgroup USENET.
To uniform address in existing computer network, hence in the year 1984 introduced by system of is name of domain, what nowadays we recognize with DNS or of Domain Name System. tied on Computer is existing network have exceeded 1000 computer more. In the year 1987 amount of continued computer leap 10 times fold to become 10.000 unit more.

Year 1988, Jarko Oikarinen of Finland find at the same time introduce IRC or of Internet Relay Chat. One year later;then coresponding computer again leap 10 times fold, do not less than 100.000 computer nowadays form a network. Year 1990 is year most historic when Team of Berners Lee find editor program and of browser which can explore between one computer with other computer which form that network. This program of recognized with WWW or of Word Wide Web. Year 1992, continued computer form network have abysmal million computer, and is same year emerge surfing term of the internet. Year 1994, internet situs have growed to become 3000 page;yard address, and for the first time virtual-shopping of e-retail appear on intenet. Direct world change is same year of yahoo! Founded, what also at the same time birth of navigator1.0 netscape.

Benefit of Internet
In general there is many benefit able to be obtained by if someone have to access to internet. Following some of what available in intenet
1. information for the life of person of sepeeti health, recreation, hobby, personal developer, spiritial, social
2. information for the life of professional / worker like science, technological, commerce, share, commodity, business news, profession association, business association, various community forum.

One most interesting matter is membership of internet do not know state boundary, race, economic class, or ideology of factor - other factor which usually can pursue transfer of mind. Internet is an community a world of in character very democratic and also have code of etik respected by the whole its member. benefit of Intenet is especially obtained to through is same activity between group or person without recognizing boundary, time and distance.
To increase the quality of human resource in Indonesia the up for all Indonesia professional exploit network of internet and become the part of world information society.


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