congeniality of computer
computer is laboring equipments below on file program control which automatically accept, saving and process data yielding information.

computer classification
pursuant to processed by data type
- computer digital
- computer analog
- computer of hibrid

pursuant to its usefulness
- special purpose computer
- general purpose computer

pursuant to ability
- special purpose computer
- general purpose computer

pursuant to computer physical size measure.
- mini computer
- micro computer

characteristic computer
first generation ( 1945 - 1959)
- using vacuous tube
- amount of vacuous tube which used ± 18.000 vacuous tube
- vacuous tube weight ± 30 ton
- releasing many hot.
- speed still lower.
- depository of data still is limited.

for example
- MARK of I ( first computer)
- LEO ( first commercial computer which made [by] [in] English)
- UNIVAC I ( first commercial computer which sold to ACE census bureau)

second generation ( 1959 - 1965)
- using transistor.
- physically smaller and compared to light [of] first generation
- usage of ever greater memory.
- quicker process.
- put into use online data proccesing.
- put into use disk stroge.

computer factory which producing second generation computer
IBM 1400, 7070-7090, IBM 1600, NCR 304, RCA 501, UNIVAC III, UNIVAC 1107, etc.

third generation ( 1965 - 1970)
- using IC ( Integrated Circuits). IC represent transistor corps which is compacted in electronics component.
type of Ic there are some kinds of, that is :
§ SSI, consist of < 100 transistor.
§ MSI, 100 - 1000 transistor.
§ LSI, 1000 - 5000 transistor.
§ VLSI > 50.000 transistor.
§ SLSI > 500.000 transistor.
- using multiproccesing and multiprogramming.
- using displayed visual of terminal, presenting graph, accepting and presenting voice.
- using MIRC.

third generation computer is :
IBM 360, ICL 1900, UNIVAC 1108, UNIVAC 9000

fourth generation ( since year 1970)
using developed LSI become VLSI. technological which used to make VLSI is MOS, that is representing condensation thousands of transistor in one chip.
fourth generation computer example is : IBM 370 Intel 404 Altair Cray-1 ARCNET Apple II Xerox of Star.

fifth generation ( 1995 - now).
expanding of it new software. computer have ability in so many area so that in conceiving of intellegence of brand.

from year to year growth of fast computer progressively, this cause all expert wish to make computer able to think and also have feeling like human being. but do all expert can create the computer? we just see in future.


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