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I don't like carried a lot of cash inside my wallet. I don't know why but I just feel that it was not safe if in some not necessary time, and my wallet full with cash its like almost over loaded already. And if I want to pay something, everyone could see what is inside mine, similar like that. You know what, it's totally freak me out about somebody will follow me and, I can't imagine what will going to happen with me in the next second later.

So for me, it's obviously safe if I'm replacing my cash with my debit card. That's why my wallet filling with few cards, include ATM, credit card, and many more. I'm preferred using this card than cash money. But, most the time I don't know exactly my balance account if I have already use it as my payment method. There is a time when there is nothing left in my account, and guess what I don't know how to pay the bill. But, it's not America if you can't figure it out, something for you to get out of this situation. And yeah, american payday loans it my solution until my payday of next month. It's pretty fast and also a reliable easy service too. I like using it sometimes, but of course because it is a short-term loan so I might be pay it on time at my payday.


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