Jim Piccolo, a Visionary CEO

Jim Piccolo is the driving force behind the University of New England. He brings with him over twenty years of business experience between the president and CEO of a private multi-national production of a publicly traded company's international marketing company with four subsidiaries in the ownership and international concerns. Jim Piccolo career success, as a recognition at the national level after the sport truck accessories designer and businessman, has demonstrated its ability, size successful niche markets.

Jim Piccolo founded and operated by numerous companies both nationally and internationally and was supported by national publications for his work as one of the visionaries who recognized the innovator and his time in the mass market arena. Jim Piccolo is a world leader in the dynamic and strategic thinker who is not afraid to recognize and possibilities. His reputation for creating success has been a loyal customer following.

These companies include iWizard Holding, Inc., a developer of technology-based Contact Manager for independent retailers; New Kingdom Corporation, a leading provider of real estate investments in education and training of the products sold through independent retailers, the Masters of the franchise, Inc, a national franchise providing full-service real estate investment opportunities in the new Reich customers through the concierge investors.


indo-trans said...

bux.to agak lambat dalam hal pembayaran, ad juga yg bilang scam, kl 2 bulan belom cahsout juga berati memang bener neh, sy dengar ada yg 6 bln br dibayar, makany saya tidak mereferensikan PTC ini,

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